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I am currently working for BT delivering new Mobile Internet based services, and in particular WAP based services to phones with WAP browsers (such as the Nokia 7110 and Motorola P7389). The free-mail service wap.talk21.com is one of the fruits of my labors. 

I've also been working on secure Corporate Internet Access from a variety of devices such as Psions, Palms, and various Win CE devices. The best thing about this work is the number of new gadets I get to work with!

In the past, I've worked in small group supporting BT's Broadcast TV networks, working on stuff such as Digital Television systems, MPEG-2 editing and serving, Broadcast quality Video servers for use in cinemas,  Intranet Web servers on-line databases, LAN performance issues for Broadcast Video, SNMP management for video networks and so on - for more current details of all this see my BT Labs official 'homepage' !

Originally, I spent four years at the University of York studying Electronic Systems Engineering, whilst being sponsored by BT. When not studying, I was either Rowing on the Ouse for the University, Gliding at Rufforth, exploring the Yorkshire Dales and basically enjoying University life ..

When not at work, you'll usually find me either enjoying the drive down to Sudbury Rowing Club, or actually rowing there!

Sudbury Rowing Club.

I've enjoyed rowing there now for five years, and have had a good couple of seasons rowing in 2- and S3, S2 4+ as well as a S2 8+ for the Head of the River Race this March.

In the past, I've rowed around 10 years, at various places including Latymer Upper School in London, Thames Tradesmen and then York University. I've recently added my 10th pot to my collection, from a win in a S2 8+ at Norwich Head, as well as pennants for the overall fastest S2 8+ at 1998's three Cambridge winter leagues.

I've been using my Electronics know-how to build portable amplifiers for the club, and am currently working on a design for a ratemeter.

Fun cars: My Japanese MR2 Turbo

Well, after buying my first MR2 in 1996, I've become well and truly hooked on them. After owning a base model 120hp Mark Two Coupe for a few years, I test drove a imported Japanese version of the MR2, the MR2 Turbo whilst looking for a replacement. This model was never sold in the UK, and is much more powerful than the normal UK GT Version. The Japanese turbo version has 220bhp giving a 0-60 time of 5.8 seconds, compared to the UK models' 174bhp and 0-60 in 7.7 seconds.  

Needless to say the one grin inducing test drive was all I needed to convince me that the turbo was the car I wanted to own - after a few months of hunting I found one I liked.

I've created a quite detailed three part FAQ for this car, intended to help other owners of this car in the UK, as many are arriving as both grey imports and official imports with no information on how to maintain the car.

The car never fails to put a grin on my face when I'm feeling like it - I've been a number of times to skid-pan sessions at the Suffolk Police HQ Driver Training School, been to a couple of track days and had a go at the Eastern Counties Motor Club's Sizewell Slalom Autotest, which was basically completing 12 coned out circuits against other cars, against the clock. This was lots of fun - I was quite relieved to learn that in the dry the car is difficult to provoke to do anything frightening - and I certainly was trying !





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Gliding in Suffolk

The place to go to I've heard is Wormingford, near Colchester. Recently, what with the rowing and walking taking up most of my weekends, I haven't had much time to follow my other interest - Gliding. I've got around 40 flights in my log book, and was well on you way to flying Solo when I stopped in the summer of '94. When I have more money and time I'll go back to do some more gliding !

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