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Castle Combe, April '99
Clips from the Skidpan session, May '99

Last updated 18/2/01

Track day at Castle Combe, April '99.

The Queue for the track - 2 hours long, but worth it! The MR2's are on the right...Following the sessions on the skidpan, and having owned the car for nearly a year, I still was looking for an opportunity to find out how the car handled on the limit at high speeds. The Car and Care Conversion track day at Castle Combe provided the perfect opportunity to find out for myself in relative safety - I didn't intend to push that hard, and was happy to let cars past that were obviously much faster than me.  I was pleased to discover that the MR2 Drivers Club Insurance covers you as the laps aren't timed and you are not racing for positions - they take the view that you're driving on a private road!

I managed to get an old  video camera wedged & taped into position between the passenger headrest and the centre storage console, and have got some video footage of me driving around the circuit. I then encoded it using Real Producer, and the results are below - you'll need the Real Video G2 player to view them. Thanks should go to Olli mirroring some of these clips on the  IMOC-UK website - but as recently my ISP has removed the 10MB quota I have now uploaded them here - use whichever site is quicker for you to download and view them offline.

Getting out onto the circuit
A highres clip, with some guidance on the cone layout at Combe (High Quality 1.6MB)
Complete Lap of Castle Combe:
A complete lap, of Combe (Low-Q 1.2MB),  and a lap of me following Olli in his Turbo for a sedate lap as we get used to the circuit, encoded at Hi-Q (3.5MB)
Fun at Quarry Corner:
Quarry is a right right hander after the long start/finish straight - as you come up to it you're touching 120mph so its hard on the brakes and down into 3rd to take the bend. Get the line right, and the MR2 drifts beautifully on the power from the apex across to the other side of the track, ready for the chicane. Here are a few clips of this :
Me nearly taking a modified MX-5 around Quarry Corner (Hi-Q 0.7MB) , and another of me squealing around Quarry and the the Esses (Hi-Q 1MB). Having finally mastered the line, I was really enjoying it, mixing it with some seriously fast race prepped Mini's (Hi-Q, 0.9MB)
Catching Cars
Me finally getting past a MX5 (Hi-Q, 1MB) that I'd been toying with earlier at Quarry, and another of me taking Olli's MR2 (Hi-Q, 1MB) in the same place - the extra 30bhp I had over his car with my mods came in handy here!   There's all sorts on the track - here's me passing a  ponderous Saab 900i (low res, 250k)
Scary Stuff!
A very hairy aborted overtaking manoeuvre that someone tried - luckily I had seen the Escort Mexico come out of the previous corner behind me, and had moved off the racing line to let it past - but he then overcooked it into the chicane, nearly wiping out Olli in his MR2 - hear those tyres squeal!   (High res 630kB)
And some other Low Res clips clips
A Single Lap (1.3MB) of Combe, A Pug lets go bigtime (300k) as it comes off the track, more of me chasing Mini's (310k), and me getting past the supercharged MX-5 (734k)

IMOC Skidpan session at Suffolk Police HQ

I've encoded a set from the IMOC-UK session that we held on May22nd. See this directory for the files and help yourself - there's plenty of clips showing MR2's skidding in all sorts of situation - see this directory for the Police Guide on how to identify and correct each type of skid

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