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The Japanese MR2 Turbo FAQ and
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Looking through these pages, I guess you could say they reflect what I do in my spare time.

I seem to spend the majority of my free time rowing and training at Sudbury Rowing Club, in order to compete Nationally and win at a Senior level. Doing all this training allows me to enjoy my other passion - by driving my Japanese imported MR2 Turbo to the Club via some twisty country roads!

When I've got any other spare time, I still enjoy designing and building electronic gadgets, either for the benefit of the Rowing Club (such as portable amplifiers or ratemeters), or constructing useful circuits for my MR2.

I keep an eye on internet technologies, and am currently working on very large e-mail Systems supporting Millions of users, as well as looking into and Mobile Internet Services delivered to mobile devices, including the current generation of  WAP enabled phones and also other mobile devices such as personal organisers, such a Palms and Psions. 


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