Completed Coxing Amplifier photos

Updated 7/8/96

As a picture can say 1000 words, the easiest way to show how to build up a coxamp for yourself from my design is to take a look at 'one I prepared earlier'.

The coxbox shown in the pictures here has been in use at Sudbury RC since January 1997, and has survived dropping in the water and the general abuse all equipment gets in winter and then the Summer Regatta season. The only problems have been when people have forgotten that it does require charging up once every so often - I will fit a battery low indicator in due course.

Below is a Clickable image map which will take you to each of the photo's in turn. On average each one is 30k bytes, which is necessary for some of the detail on the photos, esp. the circuit boards ! Use the back button of your browser to come back here after viewing the images.

Click on one of the Photos for a larger picture.

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